About Us

We are a cooperative of the independent schools located in Ann Arbor, who are also members of the Association of Independent Michigan Schools (AIMS) and the Independent Schools Association of the Central States (ISACS).

Learning differences  |  Grades 4 – 12
Montessori  |  Grades Pre-K – 8
Child-centered  |  Grades Y5 – 8
College prep.  |  Grades 6 – 12
Waldorf  |  Grades Pre-K – 12
Project and place  |  Grades Pre-K – 8

Finding The Best Fit

Each of our schools have a unique mission and approach to learning, and help strengthen the fabric of education in the Ann Arbor community. Thousands of children in and around Ann Arbor have received an independent school education.

The best school is the one that meets an individual child’s unique needs and learning style. Fortunately, there are many great options for learning in Ann Arbor, and we aim to help parents learn about and identify the best fit for their child.

What are Independent Schools?

According to the National Association of Independent Schools: Independent schools are non-profit private schools that are independent in philosophy: each is driven by a unique mission. They are also independent in the way they are managed and financed: each is governed by an independent board of trustees and each is primarily supported through tuition payments and charitable contributions. They are accountable to their communities and are accredited by state-approved accrediting bodies.